About Us

Bye Bye Boo Boo Oil was created to help ease the pain that my rambunctious twins would too often incur from constant rough housing. Those first few moments hearing a cry followed by tears is enough to rip your heart out. How can I take away their pain and make it all better? Alternative solutions stung, were messy, and didn't contain all natural ingredients I felt good about using on my children. I began looking into my personal arsenal of oils and their key benefits that were safe on kids. Over two years of trial and error Bye Bye Boo Boo Oil was born and quickly became our go to product for minor Boo Boos. My husband would always tell me how amazing my product was and how we should share it with the world! Now I am bringing the magic to everyone who wants to help say Bye Bye to their loved one's Boo Boos. So here we are on our next family adventure. We are excited to bring you along for the ride!